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    Modules are additional programming components that are designed to enhance eFront's functionality with various useful extensions. Modules are managed through the administrator's interface.To install a new module in the platform, login as an administrator and go to the function "Modules".

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    Click to the "Install module" link to upload the new module . After installing the module it will appear in the modules list.

    Through this page you can activate or de-activate , upgrade or delete a module by using the options available next to each module. Several modules are already pre-installed within the core eFront system including: Forum, Chat, Surveys, Reports and many others.

    The installed modules that concern lessons, can be activated for a specific lesson through the professor's page and the "Administration" function. Through this page the professor can activate and deactivate the modules for his lesson simply by clicking on them.

    activating modules.png

    The active modules appear in the lessons main page under the modules section.

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    Additional modules can be created from external developers and incorporated with the eFront system. They may be free or payed modules. Please check the section on how to create a module.

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