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Development Practices

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    1. 1. Security

    eFront is being built from a professional team of developers and through a community driven, customer-centric approach. This produces an iterative process with small development cycles that produces incremental improvements to the system followed with bigger development cycles that integrates features that need architectural changes. We make use of several aspects of eXtreme programming regarding development and testing procedures.

    The advocates of Extreme Programming say that making big changes all at once does not work. Extreme Programming applies incremental changes: for example, a system might have small releases every three weeks. By making many little steps the customer has more control over the development process and the system that is being developed. Through this process we rarely have time-frames where the system is not in an operational stage. Below we include a high level overview of our main methodology for working with user requirements.


    Development documentation is mainly done through the Subversioning (SVN) system or through the comments system inside the code. From this comment system we extract the system API every two weeks. An always current version of this API can be found on the following URL: http://wiki.efrontlearning.net/API/index.html. Through the use of the SVN we can always fallback in case of a major issue and through the commit/comment system we can find easily the source of the problem. This type of development offer opportunities for a geographically diverse mix of users to work on the same code.

    On our Wiki we keep an always updated version of the system’s Roadmap. We encourage end-users to suggest new features that often become part of our development plan.


    Regarding security, with eFront we have taken all needed steps to provide a robust and secure system. For example, on the architecture level our libraries are separated from the accessible system files (web root) and we do not need the notorious register_globals to be ON (unlike most other eLearning systems). The Object-Oriented design of eFront helps towards a better structured content as well. Moreover, eFront is being built from a small and coherent professional development team - we believe that a coherent team is essential regarding security. As a team we constantly monitor several security lists and issue quick patched for issues that may arise.

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